What’s the difference between a laptop and a desktop?

What’s the difference between a laptop and a desktop?

Desktop and Laptops

Laptop Vs Desktop PCs: 

Laptop vs Desktop PCs is a very debatable topic. There are endless options available in the market for desktop PCs and laptops. Although laptops have taken the market by storm, modern desktop computers offer a number of exclusive perks that leave the debate wide open.  

Reasons to choose a desktop PC over a Laptop: 

We are stating some reasons for placing desktop PC first over laptops.  


There is no second opinion when it comes to the power comparison. Desktop PCs will always win. The credit goes to the size of the desktop PC. All the desktop PC are equipped with better Processors and hence overall performance and speed are better than that of a laptop. Even if we make a comparison with similar models, the performance delivered by the desktop PC will be better. For substantial tasks, desktop PCs have the adequate computing power for multi-tasking, power-intensive applications, and games.  


Desktop computers are not only more powerful, but they also have full-size parts that perform better than the miniaturised components designed for laptops. Your laptop may be equipped with a cutting-edge mobile processor, but it will fall short of its desktop counterpart. In this case, bigger really does mean better. Even a minor increase in size results in improved functionality, ensuring that your desktop will outperform a laptop. Full-size components ensure a faster and smoother experience, putting desktop computers several steps ahead of laptops and possibly ahead of your competition. 


Fortunately, the PCs have superior temperature control. Desktops are large hence they have a large cooling system which means no matter how intensive the game or the task the desktop will face less thermal damage. Also, due to less movement, the chances of mechanical damage are also very low.  


If you are tech-savvy and need to upgrade the system again and again, then always pick a desktop PC for yourself. The good thing with desktop PCs is that they can easily be upgraded. Also, there are many options available in the market to upgrade desktop PCs. Laptops have upgrade options limited only to memory and storage. So, most people opt for replacing the laptop rather than going for an upgrade, and this costs a lot of money. 

If you own a business, the most cost-effective option is to invest in desktop PCs. The main reason is that if after some time the upgrade will be required you don’t have to buy the new laptops. just upgrade the desktop PCs according to the requirements and you are good to go.  


Just like with upgrades, desktops make it possible to conduct a few repairs and increase the lifespan of your machine much more tangibly. You can replace virtually any part of the desktop and keep the entire unit. This option is severely limited, if not impossible, in the laptop counterparts. 


One of the main plus points of buying a Desktop PC is that they are inexpensive. Most laptops have a premium price while desktops have the ultimate power and performance.  

Reasons to choose a Laptop over Desktop PC: 


One of the most significant advantages of a laptop computer over a desktop computer is portability. Laptops are design for people on the go, so they’re often small and light. In fact, models weighing less than 1 kilogram are available. Convertible laptops with a touchscreen monitor, detachable keyboard and flexible hinges that can be use as a tablet stand are also available.

Obviously, you can move a desktop computer from one location to another. However, because of the numerous larger components, it will be much more difficult. To transport a laptop, all you need is a backpack or a laptop bag. 

Hassle-free setup:

There is no hassle involve with the laptop. Just take them out of your bag pack, press the power button and you are good to go. To bring the laptop into the working condition doesn’t even take more than a minute. Carry the laptop with you all around and the only thing you must carry with it is the laptop charger.  

Web camera:

Almost all of the laptops on the market have built-in webcams. So, if you must attend a lecture or conduct a meeting online, there will be no problem. Desktop PCs can be use for the same causes but for that additional webcams have to be order. After making the purchase, you will have to download the app and some software to make the webcam compatible and ready to use. It will involve additional cost and time. So, it is better to grab a device that doesn’t require you to put in extra money or effort.  

Better resale value:

Laptops have better resale value as compared to desktop PCs. Even if the laptop is old and not in good condition it can be refurbish and sold very easily. There are many retailers that sell refurbished laptops. However, this is not the case with desktop PCs. They have a very lower resale value. 

Bottom line:

There are many similarities and differences between laptops and desktop PCs. There are some areas where desktop PCs will be the best option and according to some criteria, laptops are most suitable. All you need to do is consider the requirements and priorities. If you have a good amount of money in your account and you have to be on the move while working, choose a laptop for yourself. If you want to sit and do the most power-hungry tasks, get yourself a desktop PC.

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