Gaming desktop for beginners 

Gaming desktop for beginners 

Gaming Desktop PCs

Gaming desktop PC choices can hugely differ when it comes to the level of gamer you are. For being a beginner, you might not heavily indulge in most intensive gaming. So, you could opt for a gaming computer that is slightly mid-level in terms of specs. However, the best part about gaming PCs is that you can upgrade the hardware and make it the most powerful gaming desktop.  

For starting gamers, our best recommendation would be to at least get hands on good processor and dedicated graphics. Rest of the specs can be minutely compromised depending on which types of games you like more. If you are into AAA title gaming, and your games are mostly based on heavy-loading graphics, you can opt for high-tier model. 

Regardless of whichever type of gaming beginner you are, our list today will help you operate a smooth gaming environment. We have put together the top 2 best gaming desktops for startup that you choose as a beginner. These gaming computers are capable of performing up to mark for rigorous gaming sessions. But we have made sure to enlist budget gaming desktop PCs that have the right balance of gaming power.

HP Pavilion TG01-1042na Gaming

Price: Now £499.99 

Key Specs 

Processor: AMD Ryzen 5  
RAM: 8 GB 
Storage: 1 TB HDD 
Graphics: AMD Radeon Graphics GPU 
Operating System: Windows 10 

HP Pavilion is a popular name in the gaming desktop arena. Its uncompromisable power comes with its powerful specs such as AMD Ryzen processors and Radeon graphics. Lately, gaming computers are known to encompass a brilliant gaming potential with AMD components. With HP Pavilion TG01, you also get AMD powered specs including Ryzen 5 processor. The AMD Radeon graphics are an add-on that deliver crisp and immersive graphics whilst gaming.

This gaming desktop PC features an 8GB RAM with which the SSD storage provides a smoother multitasking scenario. This sleek, compact PC also sport LED lights that flaunt to provide true gaming vibe. Another best part about the PC is its easy upgradability that means you can enhance its gaming components anytime. There are plenty of ports attached with this gaming computer including Ethernet port and HDMI.

MSI PRO DP20Z 5M Mini Desktop

Price: £524.49 

Key Specs 

Processor: AMD Ryzen 
RAM: 8 GB 
Storage: 256 GB SSD 
Graphics: AMD Radeon GPU 
Operating System: Windows 10 Home 

The next-best choice is MSI Pro DP20Z for beginning gaming lovers. This MSI gaming desktop PC is yet another device to deliver best value for money. Packed with AMD Ryzen 5 processor, it aims to deliver modern speed for average gaming. The processor is loaded with the frequency speed of 3.9 GHz which means you can enjoy gaming at high fps setting. The PC is built with compact sizing and small structure that allows it to fit anywhere in the corner. 

The MSI PRO DP20Z also supports fully loaded gaming environment with its 8GB RAM for perfect hard drive boost. With that the solid-state drive storage of 256GB makes up for the right amount of storing facility. You can enjoy downloading and running heavier gaming files or programs in this computer without lags. The graphics come with AMD Radeon GPU setting that performs way better than naturally integrated graphics.  In the middle of AAA title games, you can easily get facilitated with the crisp and detailed graphics. 

Bottom Line 

Beginners of gaming may almost need the full gaming potential in their gaming desktop PCs. For this purpose, we have made sure to include both types of gaming PCs in our top-selection. These AMD Ryzen 5 desktops are fully pack with high-quality features for an immersive gameplay. If you prefer Intel gaming PCs, you can check out our blog post of the best Intel gaming desktop computers

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