The Best Survival Games to Play in 2022

The Best Survival Games to Play in 2022

The Best Survival Games

Survival games are extensively becoming popular over the last few years. They are an excellent choice to test your strategic planning and pressure handling capabilities. As entry into a merciless world bare handed and utilization of natural resources to craft weapons is one of the best experiences that you may have on your gaming laptops.

When it comes to the best survival games, there are numerous options to choose from. We can rate them based on different factors like some games carry excellent graphics while some reward you more based on your strategic usage of available resources. So, you can choose what suit you best based on your interest, but one thing is sure whatever way you look at them, they certainly provide you with a wonderful experience.

However, with that many options available, it’s easy for folks to get confused while choosing a particular game to kill their boredom. But you don’t need to panic, as we are here to help you out. We have done extensive and quality research to come up with the 10 best survival games to play in 2022 that is certainly able to provoke your interest and are worth your time.


Rust is a multiplayer survival game where you are exposed to a massive open world, and you are bound to interact with other players in order to survive. The most interesting fact about Rust is that you never know either other players are in your favour, or they are in the game to harm you.

However, if you manage to find your ideal squad to collaborate with, then you can expect to have a lot of fun while creating your dominance in the game along the way.

The Forest

This game is quite popular among gaming freaks. The game starts with you along with your son Timmy and other passengers travelling in a plane which is crashed on a random peninsula. Everyone is dead except you and your son, Tommy, who has mysteriously been kidnapped by a tribe of mutant cannibals. Finding your son forms the basis of the game and with your entry into the forest, you see ferocious cannibals, standing motionless and staring at you. Hence to crawl on the path to find your son, you should have to utilize resources carefully while fighting for your own survival simultaneously.

The forest in the game is quite terrifying and it became even more ferocious at the night. At night, cannibals become bolder and start searching for you with the lights flickering in their hands. So, once you see them, there is no way for you to survive other than hiding yourself and covering your shelter with the traps. They are cruel but quite organized to let you be their dinner.


We can’t really make a list of the best survival games without mentioning the king of all survival games – Minecraft. Minecraft is a perfect example of how a phenomenal game design should be, with a series of systems intersecting with each other in a fun way. There is no pre-determined goal in the game, and you can play the game as long as you want to play. However, you can still get rewards based on your achievements as long as you progress through the game.

Minecraft has a fair amount of enemies which mostly come out at night while some of them roam around in the daytime as well. Over the years, Minecraft has proved that you don’t need fancy graphics to flash on users’ gaming laptops to create a fantastic experience for them.


You may perceive Terraria as a 2D Minecraft, but it has much more to offer you. Terraria offers you to craft your own supplies with whatever resources you may have and that too in an adventurous way. The progression path is quite similar to Minecraft, but you have many new weapons and tools to explore.

One of the most interesting features of Terraria is bosses. You can trigger some bosses to spawn in case you meet some specific parameters. Since its launch back in 2011, Terraria has been updated several times, hence you have a bewildering range of weapons and numerous monsters to test them against.

If you are a fan of survival games that have a touch of simplicity while having no bar on functionality, then Terraria is for you.

Don’t Starve

If we talk about functionality point of view, Don’t starve is one of the best games to play. While the graphics of the game may look a little similar to your child’s textbook, there is nothing childish about the ferocious environment that you fall into. Don’t Starve encourages your experimentation and exploration, hence testing your strategic planning ability.

Keeping your belly full is a consistent concern in Don’t Starve. You are bound to crawl on a path which is full of killer bees, territorial giants and one eye-birds that all are eager to send you to an early grave. It’s a race to get back home before night while avoiding all dangers. Every step that you take away from your base, exposes you to more risk, but the path is worth exploring.


Valheim is one of the strongest contenders for one of the best survival games of the decade. It’s a phenomenal example of interactive game design, right from intensive graphics to interactive fun tasks, Valheim is worth it all.

In Valheim, players took the charge of dead Vikings who have to prove their competency before going into the afterlife. You can collaborate with other Vikings to craft shelters, supplies and weapons to defend yourself against enemies that emerged on the map.

However, one thing that would notice during gameplay is Its low-quality graphics, and that’s because games with low graphics usually have to work more on overall gameplay to make it engaging for the users.


Playing survival games with your friends is one of the most engaging and compelling activities that you can do, and Raft is one of those survival games that is worth every second of your and your friend’s time. Of course, you are not bound to include your friends but including them can greatly put the situation in your favour.

The game starts with you placing on a 4 × 4 platform floating in the middle of the ocean. You start the game with just a hook on a rope which you use to fish resources floating around you. By using these resources, you can expand the raft as much as possible. You can go deeper and even craft quite complex things like engines, so there is much more to explore in the game.

The Long Dark

The long dark is one of the best survival games if we specifically talk about rich aesthetics and setting. It provokes you to manage heat, cold, fire, flood and water with systems in place to craft your shelters and fight with animals that populate your surroundings.

Moreover, you will have to strategically plan your journey in the game. You will have to work on your diet, like how much you can travel on a full stomach and how exact time you will need to come back to your house after completing the mission.

The map in the game is divided into several segments, so starting in one area can be a quite different experience than starting in another one. However, irrespective of which segment you select, you can expect phenomenal gameplay.


Sabnautica gives you a unique battleground, unlike most other survival games. While other survival games bound you to stay on land and utilize natural resources, Sabnautica provokes you to integrate all of the gameplay on open seas. There are several resources and plenty of fish species in the open sea waiting to be discovered by you.

Using natural resources like minerals and fish, you can create complex machines to help you along. You do all of this while managing your hunger, so you don’t die. So, all of these factors combined with a great storyline are there to give you an exceptional experience on your monitors.


Survive gives you the same experience as you used to get while playing text-based old adventure games. While you frequently encounter difficult scenarios, the pace of the game is a little slow hence giving you an edge to more effectively manage the game. Rather than moving a character around the world, you interact with text-based buttons which give you more control over the game.

This game is perfect for those people who love to explore stressful situations as dying in Survive is just one wrong decision away. The game can be a little short of content sometimes, but the high difficulty level and multiple endings will keep pushing you to come back for more.

Bottom Line

Now you can take your boat and embark on the journey to explore this genre, Survival Games. As you can see, not every game in this genre follows the same pattern. Every game has its own unique selling points. One of the most promising factors of this genre is the vast variety of games that are full of adventure and fun. So, if you want to embark on a journey full of adventure and openness, then you must give this genre a try.

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