What are the top 5 2022 Games? 

What are the top 5 2022 Games? 

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Gaming industry has always been popular owing to the infamous games that revolve around the globe. A lot of video games have previously managed to hit as the top trend in tech space. For the year 2022, we are looking for the top games that exceed gaming expectations. Consequently, when we dived into what is currently the best in gaming, there were few high and lows to look forward. Not a lot of impressive games have made it into the market, but the top 5 games were still not difficult to find out.

Whether you are looking for the top 5 PCs games or even the best games for laptop, we’ve got your back. Gaming is doubtlessly the most fascinating yet favourite activity of many tech enthusiasts. While there are avid gamers around the world, most of them are always looking for something new. If you are one of those, fret not, we have just brought what you could be searching for.

We have narrowed down the top 5 PCs games for you, just in case you were looking out for the best ones. These video games are overall best when it comes to graphics, content, speed, and entertainment.

GTA 5 (Latest Version)

The expanded edition of GTA 5 was delayed in 2021, but it finally made it to the gaming console in 2022. As the game already has name and wide popularity, its most recent version was expected to get its gaming audience a blast. 

Thankfully, the GTA 5 has used advanced gaming console settings that are familiar to Los Santos. There are brand-new graphic modes added in the game, as well as multiple HDR options. Besides that, the faster loading time, ray tracing and 3D audio quality is also integrated into the game. The good news is that you PS4 and Xbox players can transfer their current game saves to each other. 

To put the whole game’s performance and experience in few words; it is nothing less than thrilling. You shall be even more excited for the GTA 6 that seem to advance through more features.


Here is another good news with Bethesda releasing a newer game other than its Fallout and Elder scrolls. The Starfield game also follows the Bethesda action RPGs where the director described it more like “Skirym in space”.  

The game comes with brand new world of stars, featuring fresh graphics and visuals. Just when you watch the trailer of this game, you will get to know how exciting the game looks. If you are a space fan, the game will fascinate you even more. This game is not just about exploration, in fact, get to follow a great venture of astronaut world followed by the robot. As soon as the game launches, an astronaut boards his rocket towards the ultimate frontier. There might also be space battles in the game, which we are hoping for.  

Starfield’s name demonstrates how it would be related to star theory. But, still unlike, the previous two games such as elder scrolls and fallout, there is more to the game than adventure.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Even though, there wasn’t any evident change required in the newer version of Pokemon Legends, we still got some. Since the last 3 to 4 years, Pokemon Legends has been impressing with its RPG theme and ideology. The former versions including Shield and Sword were pretty much popular, after appearing as a trend in the whole wide world. Other than that, the classics which were Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond also conveyed similar roles. 

The new Pokemon Legends with the Arceus is different than its previous versions. Here you get to play abandoned Nintendo left within the world of Pikachus and monster electrode. While running through the several intervals, you will have to stay safe for not angering down the electrode. This gaming edition comes with a different timeline where the Nintendo is abandoned, and you will have to cross substantial adventure. 

In the game, you will have to save yourself from the slog, yet get the ultimate goal dictated by Bear Grylls. Yes, you just read about It’s Pokemon meeting Bear Grills, which is the dream of most of the teenage kids. Overall, this one is rather a spookier and crisper version of Pokemon Legends.

Weird West 

Another bang from WolfEye Studio is here. With games like Weird West, you can re-live the oldest era in a much sensational battle way. The game takes off with majorly with revenge battle between ill-conceived characters that you have to control. The other three major character types include cultists, private agents that we call booty hunters and the chattering undead. 

As you move ahead in the gameplay, the playing field becomes more intense to the extent that you may face a deadly fight. To avoid the firefight, you will need to explore the way up from the bank roof that you will need to rob. There is a clamber down through the hatch that gets you the way to avoid the battle.  

The game is entirely based on philosophy of different worlds. Every gamer needs to touch every world they explore.

Ghostwire: Tokyo 

Tango Gameworks has been introduced with evil character enemy, where it has to be beaten down or banished. The Ghostwire video game plays a similar role but in a much more captivating manner. Tokyo as the city of Japan is focused on the animations with the first-person and evil characters.  

Ghostwire starts with a splashing city where everyone runs for their life and a closer view of one character is shown. Different kinds of ghosting characters in the form of evil fighters arise in the midst of city crisis. The first-person character of the video game has a blunt beginning where you will see it getting to know about the damage the city can face. The game involves demons which need to be banished in order to restore the health mochi. When you will need to expel the demons, the game escapades through multiple levels and adventures to bring out for the gamer.  

What is absolutely fantastic about this video game is its animations and how well the enemy graphics are designed. In addition, the game revolved around Japan apocalypse. Before you stop into ersatz 7-Eleven, you will need to kill or eliminate all demons.  

Bottom Line 

These are just top 5 video games that you must check out if you are a gaming fanatic. There is much more to that when you get around what is in or out. If we were to display top 10 games, there were even more. But, if you are looking for the ultimate digging, these 5 games are not to miss.

All of these games are supported by PS4, XBOX and Playstation players. Plus, you can also access them on gaming desktop PCS. If you are also looking forward for the best gaming PCs, you can check out a vast range at Laptop Outlet official store UK.

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