Refurbished desktops with Windows 11

Refurbished desktops with Windows 11


Windows 11 is the upgraded version of Windows 10 with a lot of changes. This is a more rounded and softer version of the windows. Windows 11 offer many productive features and some subtle changes for the users. Windows 11 is safer, user-friendly, and has a welcoming design for work and play.

System requirements for Windows 11:

The requirements for Windows 11 are very steep. So, any PC or refurbished PCS before 2018 cannot be upgraded to Windows 11. However, non-compliant PCs can be upgraded to Windows 11.

CPU: 1 GHz or faster 
Display: High-Definition Display (720p) 
Storage: 64GB RAM or larger 
Graphic cards: Compatible with WDDM 2.0 driver or Directx12 
System requirement: Secure Boot Capable, UEFI 
TPM: Trusted Platform Module version 2.0 

Reasons to upgrade to Windows 11:

Design: The menus and icons are redesigned to be rounder. There are some new buttons in the middle of the taskbar. More tools are offered by Windows 11 for management, and it looked focused and calm.  

Desktops: There are a lot of cosmetics different when it comes to Windows 11. Every desktop can be assigned a different name, but they have the access to the same files on the PC and Microsoft account. Desktops can be used to separate projects. If you use your Windows PC to work from home as well as pursue personal projects, you could have one desktop labelled “Work” with your work apps open and another labelled “Play” with Steam and the Xbox app ready to go. 

Teams: One of the best features offered by Windows 11 is that it has a Microsoft team integrated into it. You can find the teams icon on the taskbar as well. However, if you don’t want teams, it can be removed from the taskbar, and you can even uninstall it.  

Snap Assist: It is one of the most notable features offered by Windows 11. It allows you to organize your files and docs into groups and layouts. You can have granular control over the screen space with layouts and groups enabling you to control the groups of related windows.  

New gaming feature: Direct storage and Auto HDR are exciting features for gaming enthusiasts. The lightning of the games is better and the games load faster.  

Android apps: Windows 11 can run and install the Android apps without any third-party’s help. Microsoft has collaborated with Amazon to give users access to the Amazon store.  

Security: Windows 11 PCs have UEFI and Secure Boot Capable for security purposes. The latter is a very important security feature, and it prevents malicious software from loading. The security features are also enhance by UEFI.

Why you should buy refurbished Desktops: 

Picking refurbished desktops is a very beneficial choice for the finances as well as the environment. There will be small fixes as the desktops work the same as the new ones. They are protect by the warranty. refurbished Pcs give peace of mind and assurance that something good has been done for the environment from your hands. Also, you can grab the latest models at a very reasonable price. So, buying refurbished desktops is a great option.

Windows 11 Refurbished Desktop:

Dell OptiPlex 3280: 

This refurbished PCS is all about seamless collaborations and uncompromising productivity. Dell OptiPlex 3280 features a full HD touch panel of 21.5 inches. Constant connectivity and lower power can be achieve through Windows 10 modern stand-by. The video and audio are superb and even there is a pop-up camera which is completely optional. To make the communication crystal clear, a dual-microphone array is available. The response time and refresh rate are good. Viewing angels and colour production is great. Applications and files can be launch in no time with the 256GB DDR4 memory. Laptop Outlets gives a 6-month warranty for this refurbished desktop PC. 


Screen size: 21.5 inches 
SSD capacity: 256GB 
Processor: Intel Core i3 10th Gen Processor 
Processor Speed: 3GHz 
GPU: Intel UHD Graphics GPU 
Warranty: 6 months 

Bottom line:

Refurbished desktops, like their new counterparts, are typically less expensive than refurbished laptops. They also have more powerful processors, which makes them ideal for activities such as gaming, and more internal storage, which reduces or eliminates the need for external hard drives. Refurbished desktop components may also be less difficult to repair and replace. If you don’t require the portability of a laptop, a refurbished desktop with windows 11 can provide better value

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