Why are MSI laptops better than other gaming laptops?

Why are MSI laptops better than other gaming laptops?

MSI Laptop

MSI laptops are widely known to persuade the gaming world with their extraordinary features and excelling specs. From high-Resolution ultra-fast refresh rate displays to advanced dedicated graphics and formidable processors, these laptops are equipped with one-of-a-kind combos. With the rapidly growing technology, gaming devices have become common and popular with variation of features assembled in latest laptops. While most of the brands are focused on bringing the absolute best in their gaming laptop series, MSI is one of the prominent names in the gaming realm.

It comes as no surprise that MSI has produced many unbeatable gaming machines that have almost no competition under their belt. Starting just from MSI Stealth series to GE, GL, GS and GF series, you do get a broad variety of gaming within the same brand.

Now, when it comes to choosing the ultimate best from MSI, it could be similarly daunting like you choose between various brands. The manufacturer itself offers more than just one or two gaming beasts, making it hard to narrow down the finest choice. However, down below the article, we have made sure to list down the top favourites. You can check them out for yourself, but before that let’s drop the most incredible reasons of why MSI gaming laptops are better than the others.

Over-the-top Design  

MSI mostly focuses on bringing its gaming users the best gaming experience, even in the terms of its design and build. If you come to see the design element of MSI gaming laptops, they are always designed keeping a gamer’s vision. From RGB backlighting to durable quality material and finely rugged chassis, these gaming laptops feel like you are ready to initiate a gaming battle. Some of the most exclusive technologies such as colour boost technology makes these laptops less prone to overheating. So, the gamers can enjoy playing game for hours without having to worry about the laptop getting heated. The thin and light exterior has also been lately kept in manufacturer’s mind to let gaming freaks enjoy ultimate gaming on the go. 

Next-Level Gen Processors 

The unrivalled gaming experience from the MSI laptops is not just dependent on how brilliant the features are. The high-end processors featured in these MSI gaming laptops are a significant part of where the true power unleashes from. MSI laptops come power-packed with the latest Intel and AMD processors, ranging from the powerful editions including Intel Core i5, Core i7 to AMD Ryzen 7 processors. Users have the choice to get the perfect component pick; the higher the processor, the better the performance and speed is going to be. 

High Screen Specs 

The display part of the MSI gaming laptops is simply brilliant as ever – gamers get the highest refresh rate screens with greatest Resolution pixels and true colour details. Doubtlessly, MSI emphasizes their gaming display with forging in the next-level quality material and specs for great gaming environment. As one of the most crucial gaming aspects has to be the frame rate settings while playing games, the MSI display is always set to adjust the pixels and settings excellently.    

RAM and Storage 

The RAM of your gaming laptop definitely plays a huge role in speeding up the file execution, installation and downloading process faster. That is why MSI never goes down the sufficient level of 8GB RAM, but the formidable MSI gaming laptops come with a 16GB or 32GB RAM. On the storage side, the MSI gaming laptops are jammed up with SSD storages for sure, and mostly come in a steadfast combo of HDD +SSD. For a doubling gaming experience, the storage and RAM pairing of these laptops make everything worthwhile. 

Advanced Dedicated Graphic Cards 

The graphic potential of your laptop decides on which settings you can play the game, or what Resolution you can run. MSI comes with latest NVIDIA GTX and RTX gaming graphic cards, supporting real-time Ray tracing. Our ideal recommendation would be to go for RTX 20 series for rendering lightest effects remarkably. As real-time ray tracing is the latest innovation of graphic cards, the MSI gaming laptops never miss on what’s included in their GPU.  

Programmable Keyboards

You will find MSI gaming laptops to come with programmable or mechanical RGB keyboards. User can customise the keyboard keys according to their suitability and also change the backlight of their keyboard. There are also advanced switches added in these keyboards for fast-paced gaming and every aspect that a gaming enthusiast would love.

Best MSI Gaming Laptops

MSI Creator Z16 A11UET-202UK 

Intel Core i9 11th Gen. Processor 
16 in Screen Size , 2560 x 1600 
16 GB RAM , 1 TB SSD 
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 GPU 
Windows 10 
QHD+ 120Hz Screen 

This one is MSI’s supreme choice for gamers with latest 11th Gen processor, QHD display and latest NVIDIA dedicated RTX series. If you are a pro gamer who need to have grasp over every gaming command, this one is a go-to option.   

MSI Stealth GS66 

Intel Core i7 12th Gen. Processor 
15.6 in Screen Size , 2560 x 1440 
16 GB RAM , 1 TB SSD 
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 GPU 
Windows 11 
QHD 240 Hz Screen 

The power-efficient mix of 12th Generation processor, QHD 240Hz display and RTX 3080 dedicated. Graphics has no compromise to deliver to gaming fanatics. The MSI Stealth is the finest selection amongst most powerful MSI gaming laptops.

MSI Gaming GF63 Thin 

Intel Core i7 11th Gen. Processor 
15.6 in Screen Size , 1920 x 1080 
8 GB RAM , 512 GB SSD 
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti GPU 
Windows 11 
FHD IPS 144Hz Screen 

Around 1000-pound budget and still getting every gaming demand on the line is what. You can get with the MSI GF63. This gaming laptop comes equipped with Core i7 from 11th Generation. And sports a sufficiently large 15.6-inch display with full HD Resolution. Plus, the RTX gaming graphics card with righteous RAM and SSD combo is included to keep the gamers flow uninterrupted.

Bottom Line 

Choosing the best gaming laptops should never be hard unless there are more than one great choices. With MSI, one is more likely to face such confusion. But you can always narrow down your budget and see what goes best for you. If choosing MSI as your next best gaming brand was the real question. We hope we have cleared out a lot of powerful facts for you. All we can say now is: Have a blasting gameplay on your next MSI!

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