Which Oppo phone is best for Selfie?

Which Oppo phone is best for Selfie?

The phone camera trend has taken the world over with latest technology in smartphones. Gladly, OPPO phones are prominently known around the globe for their camera results. Who doesn’t love a good selfie? It is always refreshing to have a great selfie on board, especially when you are always socially active. So, owning the best selfie phone should not feel like you are being a little childish.  In fact, it can be quite useful for professionals and adults who need to grab a nice exposure.

OPPO has gradually become a brand that is quite infamous for its best camera phone range. Whether you need bright, vivid images or the right peak of wide-angle lens, you can explore some of the best OPPO phones. The front camera lenses equipped in OPPO also significantly emphasize on the artificial intelligence. The AI-technology inclusion in these phones enhances the colour contrasts and saturation of any selfie you capture.

The number one choice for the best selfie camera phone from OPPO has to be its latest smartphone i.e., Find X5 Pro. This phone isn’t just the best for its front camera but hits a total jackpot with number of other features to look forward to. However, as we are just focusing on the best camera phone today, here is why this OPPO phone is best to take selfies.

OPPO Find X5 Pro Camera


Rear: 50MP Main Camera: f/1.7, dual-OIS 5-axis stabilisation

50MP Ultra-wide-Angle Camera: f/2.2

13MP Telephoto Camera: f/2.4

Shooting Mode, Rear: Photo, Video, Night, Pro, Panorama, Portrait, Time-lapse, Slow-motion, Text scanner, Hi-Res, Movie, Long exposure, Dual-view video, Sticker, and Google Lens

Front: 32MP , f/2.4

Front: Photo, Video, Panoramic, Portrait, Night, Time-lapse, Dual-view video, and Sticker

Why OPPO Find X5 Pro has the best camera?

The OPPO Find X5 Pro is the most recent launch from the brand. Its versatile features and flagship specs have been circulating around the market, making it one of the power beasts. Specs like formidable processor, super-fast charging technology and stunning software has made some rounds in the tech news. But the camera of Find X5 Pro is what gets it ahead than its rivals and a top-notch camera phone.

OPPO has included the MariSilicon X chip in this smartphones that has never been added before. This imaging NPU is developed by OPPO itself to enhance night videography. It adds detailed contrast and increases the richness of colours of the captured video. This isn’t just it. The main camera specs of the phone feature the major 50 Megapixel wide angle lens with 5 axis stablisation. It is followed by the two other powerful sensors including ultra-wide-angle lens of 50 MP and a Telephoto lens of 13MP.

The front camera of the OPPO Find X5 Pro features 32 Megapixel lens. The design of the front camera is rather kept simple without any specific notch style. Regardless of that, the front cam does a pretty amazing job in capturing photos taken at any moment. There are some of the most amusing effects and automatic functions included in the selfie camera for great user experience. Moreover, there are no glitches when it comes to blurry video capturing and you will be able to capture sharper videos.

Best Features of Find X5 Pro Selfie Camera

Automatic Viewing Angles

One of the most interesting features that the front camera of X5 Pro has automatic viewing angles. It can automatically switch to the ultra-wide selfie mode depending on your environment. This feature can be great especially when you are out with your social circle or need to capture extra details. The selfie camera changes your selfie viewing angle to normal according to your background. So, it is quite useful for the outsiders.

Bright and Vivid Colours

OPPO’s Find X5 Pro camera is made to capture sharper photos with bright, colourful tones. You wouldn’t experience any colour detachment in the backgrounds and main object as well. Upon capturing various selfies, one can easily notice the colours of even your skin texture to be clear and sharp. The camera adds up every little detail of your face including the reflection of the phone in eyeballs.

Softer Image Effect

You can easily capture front camera images with softer, lighter effects. This means you can soften up your selfie and make it look gorgeous than ever. Some of you might love a lighter effect on your image and may need to take a selfie with that soft look. This phone camera has beauty effect as well that enables you to change your skin and overall image consistency.

Artificial Intelligence Mode

As always OPPO has not missed concentrating on its AI mode. Most of the OPPO selfie camera phones have artificial technology included in them. In fact, it is one of the major reasons people consider buying the phones for that crisp, advanced contrasts in the images. You can capture your selfies after turning the AI mode on. After you turn this mode on, you will be able to get a richer, brighter contrast of colours in your selfies.

Switchable Video Resolution

The front video camera of the OPPO Find X5 Pro also allows to switch your Resolution. You can convert the video mode to full HD Resolution and enjoy professional streaming. This is great for video conference calls and formal meetings that are likely to be conducted on platforms like Zoom. This video mode allows you to give your front video the Resolution that you exactly need.

Bottom Line

OPPO Find X5 Pro comes integrated with a plenty of useful camera features. Apart from its rock-solid battery life, incredible processor and first-ever MariSilicon chip, its front camera does a great job. For all selfie fanatics, OPPO Find X5 Pro front-facing camera might be the best news ever!

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