Which Laptops Company have best build quality Lenovo or Asus?

Which Laptops Company have best build quality Lenovo or Asus?

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Lenovo and ASUS are both major brands known for power and productivity with a diverse history in the tech world. They have replaced each other positions and also gathered the top spot in leading tech brands. However, one can’t still be sure about which brand’s laptop to prefer when it comes to certain specs or features. The build quality of these brands does vary depending on the type of consumers they make their laptop for. Laptops from the same brand can also differ in quality in comparison to each other but there is still a significance of the brand itself.

Apart from innovative designs, versatile specs, and appealing build. It is important to determine whether the build quality of a laptop is worth it. Consequently, both manufacturers have paid attention to the quality stature of their laptops. But some, in the midst of raging competition lie down than the other leading brand laptops. While Lenovo is more oriented towards the style and look besides robust quality. ASUS has many times shown full control over its quality. No doubt, some of the Lenovo series laptops are hard to beat as well in terms of quality.

Today, we have specifically emphasized on whether Lenovo makes better quality laptops or ASUS as a brand. The difference between them is quite visible but still is a bit trickier to fine-line as the ultimate best. Let’s delve into what you can get to explore with ASUS laptops and Lenovo laptops. Here we go!

Lenovo Laptops – Quality Analysis

Lenovo laptops have clearly made their way in unleashing aesthetic build quality, and innovative style statement. Being one of top brands since a decade. Lenovo has evidently put an impact on the laptop industry, with a huge market cap. When it comes to the popularity, Lenovo is infamous for its business-based series i.e., ThinkPad and Thinkbook. These series are package in a sleek, slim build while deliver exceptional performance, keeping demanding users’ expectations up-to-mark. However, Lenovo’s range like IdeaPad and V series have been remain at a lower quality but are more durable build-wise.

Design, Display and Build Quality

Lenovo’s design terminology has always been interesting with newer, attractive designs every now and then. With that comes a vast variety from Lenovo with nearly every size, style, or shape so one can have multiple observations regarding quality. An example of it is the vast difference between Lenovo IdeaPad and Lenovo ThinkPad series. While laptops like Ideapad set up for affordable buyers. The premium ThinkPad range is entirely design with most durability.

In terms of display, Lenovo has also dedicatedly built 2 in 1 Yoga series laptops. With convertible hinges and ergonomic support. You can find high-tier specs found in the displays of ThinkPad and at the similar time get a normalized display with Lenovo Chromebook. Coming on to the material used in the design and build of these laptops, you get to have plastic and brushed aluminium both, depending on which Lenovo model have you got.

Lenovo Thinkpad series is create to stun the audience with their sleek form factor yet have the most effective durability. These are power-pack with latest technology and solid carbon-fibre or magnesium material that also includes reinforced plastic for stronger durability. The lightweight and slim design packed with bezel-free display makes the laptop quite stylish. But some of Lenovo’s expensive laptops like ThinkPad X1 has surprisingly thicker bezels which also ultimately look good. At the same time, you can expect it to be less damaging for drop test, knock downs or rash accidents.

ASUS Laptops – Quality Analysis

The top-notch performance by the renown ASUS brand is nowhere to be dismiss and nearly everyone is aware of how spectacular the brand is. Similarly, the quality of the manufacturer is on the top of the line with its military-grade durability factor as well as couple of security features. The Taiwanese tech company has made its name on the top of the charts a lot of times. Apart from laptops, it is also known in the PC world magnificently, indicating a large history in durable hardware.

Display, Design and Build Quality

ASUS display is pack to deliver immersive visuals with its signature Nanoedge bezels for slim looking widest screen. The ultra-thin edges seem elegant but are still sturdy with mostly the screen-to-body ratio of 95%. You will notice these laptops to have a premium feel yet cater a robust build for accidental drops or damages.

The design element of ASUS is emphasize on luxurious looks in most cases, but its midrange and low-budget laptops are also good looking. The thin, lightweight and sleek designs embody minimalistic look but use high-end materials like brushed aluminium. In addition, you can also find the right mix of plastic and aluminium that forms the ultimate combination of rock-solid design. ASUS is one brand known for its appealing designs with the premium factor greatly. But you might be a bit doubtful about the sturdiness. In that case, some of the ASUS laptops are include with he military-grade durability to ensure maximum safety and hinge test protection as well.

The quality of build in ASUS laptops vary according to the price point that the laptop is offering. Oof course, with higher cost, you can expect a much better durability. But that’s just not the case; you can find equal capacity of durable chassis found in its midrange budget versions. ASUS series like Vivobooks are capable of handling any accident solidly with their hard build material. Similarly, the famous ASUS gaming laptops is built sure to be wrap in a well material. Along with the quality check.

Lenovo Vs ASUS – Which is Better?

The ultimate question comes down to the fact that which laptop brand does better in the terms of durability. While ASUS is more focused on how the design of the laptop is, Lenovo does not lack behind in showcasing newer designs every now and then either. However, the durability factor in both brands laptops comes with their multiple series.

Choices are less but still a bit tricky for finding the right kind of durability. Mostly even with the claims, the companies are unable to deliver a reliable protection or security as expected by the user. Lenovo’s ThinkPad range nearly beats any other laptop for its special military grade durability factor. ASUS ROG series is known for adding couple of extra security features as compare to other significant gaming laptops.

ASUS has a slight edge when all the display, design and build factors are combine within a laptop. While its performance is also long-lasting, you can expect it to provide more security reasons for its users. Lenovo, on the other side, is better in half of its series but the other remaining series might lay off in comparison to most of the ASUS laptops.

Bottom Line

You can still get a similar level of durability in both ASUS laptops and Lenovo laptops. But the trick here would be choosing the right laptop from the most durable series of the brand. This is all when it comes to the finding the most versatile security features and durability.

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