What are the games that can be played with an Intel i5 laptop

What are the games that can be played with an Intel i5 laptop

Intel i5 Laptops

The gaming industry has evolved a lot in the last few years. The days are gone when there were only mediocre quality games, exhibiting quite basic and low-end graphics. Although modern games have much more to offer you in terms of in-game graphics, video output, and playing experience. However, the latest games do require a competitive desktop or laptop PC for their seamless operations. This is where intel enters the game.

Intel i5 processors are the talk of the town nowadays due to their robust speed, dedicated graphics card, and affordable price tag. If you want to experience some serious gaming but have a limited budget, an Intel i5 laptop can best cater to your needs. The Core i5 laptops with in-built graphics are the best and most cost-effective alternatives to gaming laptops which features GPU either from NVIDIA or AMD.

Top 7 games that you can play on your Intel i5 laptop

Now you might be thinking that what are the games that I can play on my Intel laptop, coming with Core i5 processor? In this article, you are going to get the answer to this question. Our experts have compiled this list of i5-enabled games after extensive hand-on testing and thorough market research. So, you can trust it without any second thought. Let us get started:

Counterstrike: Global Offensive (CS: GO)

Even though it was released back in 1999, CS: GO still has the hearts of many gaming enthusiasts. The game has maintained its rank as one of the most-played games for the past 23 years. The developer studio behind the game is “Valve” which continuously updates the game with new features and certain fixes. The game has nine playing modes which carry their own distinct characteristics. You can access two teams in the game, terrorists, and counter-terrorists, which compete against each other in any of the above-mentioned nine modes of the game. You can easily play this game on your Core i5 laptop with few tweaks.

Overwatch 2

Launched recently by Blizzard Entertainment, Overwatch 2 is an updated version of Overwatch. It comes with some major changes compared to its older version. You can explore new Maps for both old and new modes. Another enticing upgrade in the game is the addition of all-new heroes such as Sojourn and Junker Queen. Moreover, in addition to Assault, Escort, Control, and Hybrid, you can take advantage of all-new Push mode. Overwatch 2 gives you a competitive edge over your enemy by providing you with the liberty to ping your enemy location. The game can be handily played on your i5 machine but make sure that your system has at least 6GB RAM and 50GB free storage space.

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA-V)

Apart from the mind-blowing graphics and an appealing storyline, the primary reason that has contributed to the tremendous success of GTA-V is “Freedom.” Grand Theft Auto is the undisputed king of open-world games. It gives you the conveyance of approaching objects freely rather than being bound by structed gameplay. The game puts you in the driver’s seat of crime and you can do many things which you would not get to experience in real life. There is no obligation to do missions right away. If you want to just stand on a road without doing anything, GTA allows you to go for it. Any Intel i5 laptop with a turbo boost speed of 3.2GHz and 8GB RAM can be used to seamlessly play the game.

League of Legends

Developed by Riot Games, League of Legends was launched back in 2009. It is a team-based game which you can play with over 140 champions. In this strategy-enabled game, two teams of five powerful champions compete to destroy the opponent’s base. The champions can either have a human face or it may carry an animal-like face. They make use of arrows, swords, and guns to kill their opponents. The more opponents you kill, the better level you will achieve. Unlike many of the games in the list, you can play this game even on Intel i3 machine in addition to Intel i5 laptop. The game demands a minimum of 2GB RAM and Windows 7 operating system for delivering a full-fledged game play.

Rocket League  

Psyonix launched the Rocket League back in 2015 and since then the game has not seen any downfall in its popularity. You cannot normally think of a combination of soccer and car racing in a single game, but this is what Rocket League is all about. It is a high-power duo of arcade style soccer and different driving games. In the game, there are two teams, consisting of a maximum of 8 players. Each player from both teams uses a rocket-powered vehicle to hit a ball into the opponent’s goal. As a result of each goal, you get points. If you own an Intel laptop with i5 chipset, 4GB RAM, and Windows 7 OS, you can smoothly run the game on it.

Kingdom: New Lands

Kingdom: New Land is a minimalist strategy game and features pixelated graphics. The game’s objective is clear, and you just need to control either king or queen to establish a new kingdom on a new island. The recent version of the game contains six different islands instead of only one world to play around. However, each new island exhibits more difficulty than the latter one. To help you with increasing difficulty level, each island has a pack of several unlockables which can be used to easily ace the levels. Your Core i5 rig can steadily run initial levels of the game. And you can lower the resolution of your system to fluently run even the advanced levels of the game.


First developed and launched back in 1991, Civilization is a turn-based strategy game in which you attempt to build an empire to stand the test of time. In the game, you can become ruler of the game by leading a civilization towards the modern era from the stone age. The recent version of the game: Civilization VI offers you new ways to interact with your world. You conduct diplomacy, enhance your culture, and follow history’s greatest leaders to build an all-time best civilization. Civilzation can be played on a laptop with Intel Core i5 processor, Windows 7 OS, and a Random Access Memory of 4GB RAM. Additionally, you will also need to have DirectX: Version 11 on your machine.

Summing It Up

As modern games come with high-end graphics, complex architecture, and huge build-size, you need a costly top-of-the-line computer to play them. But thanks to Intel, the latest budgeted Core i5 laptops are advanced enough to run various recent high-quality games. To your ease, we have enlisted all the games that can be installed and run-on Intel i5 laptops. You can take benefit of any of these games to kill your boredom in your leisure time.

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