What are the features and specifications of the OPPO Reno7?

What are the features and specifications of the OPPO Reno7?

OPPO Reno7

OPPP Reno7 came out with a bang, following the popular Reno series. Known for their exceptional camera quality, the Reno series phones dominate the brand prominently. It is an exciting addition in the midrange OPPO phones along with extra features. The phone focuses on including high-tier specs in a reasonable price. From its Snapdragon processor to high-end 64MP rear camera and SuperVOOC fast-charging, users can enjoy the best value for money.

The specs and features of the OPPO Reno7 are quite fascinating in terms of everyday value. Whether you are a photography fan or need a good speed for surfing all day long; Reno7 can be a pretty solid choice. Moreso, this phone entices with its unique design factor that is commonly found in OPPO phones. The fast-charging battery power is no exception as well that makes the phone charge in less than an hour.

If you are thinking to buy this phone from OPPO, we have covered every little detail for you. Briefly explaining into the specifications of the phone, we have also mentioned which features it has to offer for its users.


  • Dimensions: 159.9mm x 73.2mm x 7.49 mm
  • Weight: 175g
  • RAM and Storage: 8GB+128GB
  • Rear Camera: 64 MP, 8MP, 2MP
  • Front camera: 32MP
  • Display: 6.43 inches| 90.80% | 2400 × 1080 | 90Hz | AMOLED
  • CPU: Snapdragon™ 680
  • GPU: Adreno 610
  • Battery: 4500 mAh
  • Fast Charge: 33W SUPERVOOC
  • WLAN: Wi-Fi 5 802.11ac
  • USB Interface: USB Type-C
  • Earphone Jack: 3.5 mm
  • Operating System: ColorOS 12.1

Starting right from the specs, the OPPO Reno7 has every spec assembled in the sequence for a mid-level demanding user. Just from the look of the phone, one can easily imagine it to captivate usual audience. You can get it in appealing colours followed by a fiber-leather glass build. Moving on, its lightweight fiber-glass leather design complements the AMOLED display with Eye-car technology.

Processor, RAM, and Storage:

The OPPO Reno7 goes a long way for satisfying casual users. Integrated with an 8GB RAM, this OPPO mobile comes in the perfect pairing with 128GB storage. This lets the users easily multitask anytime, which is a great service provided by any phone. The processor attached with the all smartphones is the latest Snapdragon 680 Qualcomm. It, in actual, is a good addition by OPPO for mid-level to advanced users.

Battery and Charging

The battery power of 4500 mAh outshines in the list of the specs of OPPO phones. But since OPPO users are fond of getting larger battery lives with nearly every OPPO phone, this may not come as a surprise. With this battery power, the phone easily lasts a day long. And, if you are giving it a simultaneous usage, it can last longer than the day and even midnight. The fast-charging SuperVOOC technology is, as well, included in the phone to charge the phone faster. Any users can charge it in just half an hour which is brilliant.


The rear side of the camera in the OPPO Reno7 do not have any laid-back approach. In fact, the 64MP camera lens makes sure to capture bright photos with right detail. There are fewer disappointment in the nighttime, however, you will still get to experience great photos in the day. The next two cameras including the wide-angle camera lens supports the major camera nicely. You can get some real-good and sharp shots from it. The macro lens performs nicely as well but you have to be cautious of which lighting you are using.

The selfie camera of 32MP is even more impressive in the OPPO Reno7. OPPO has made sure to include artificial intelligence technology in this phone as well. Plus, the portrait bokeh effects on the phone along with couple of other filters make it worthwhile.


The AMOLED display of 6.43 inches comes with a punch-hole design, which could be already a favourite of many users. But what is amazing in this price point is that you are getting Quad HD Resolution with he 90% screen-to-body ratio. If you come to think of it, it is simply amazing. Watching and streaming 4k videos becomes easier. The display also has 90Hz refresh rate which means users can expect great responsiveness.


IMX709 Sony Hardware for Ultra Sensing Image

Reno7 uses Sony’s IMX709 software in its front camera that enables users to capture great photos in light. This sensor enables clearer, brighter, and accurate photos in the exposure of light. Through, this the selfie camera of OPPO takes next-level photos when you have good lighting environment.

RGBW Sensor

The ordinary RGB sensor comes without the special affect of white lighting. Basically, the RGBW sensor uses white pixels to produce more lighting and reduce the noise by 35%. By being more sensitive to the light, the sensor is able to capture 60% more lighting.

IPX4 Security

One of the best safety features in the OPPO Reno7 is its IX4 water-proof security. If a user accidentally gets water splashes from around the phone, it will not let any damage get to the phone. This security feature makes the phone much more protected in the watery conditions.

Eye-Care Technology

The Eye-care display with AMOLED screen uses blue-light filter. Through this, OPPO enables the phone to not emit any dangerous light whenever user turns the mode on. As a result, there is way less probability of eye or head strain. It also plays a great role in smooth-scrolling and responsive screen.

Android 12 Based OS: ColorOS 12

The Reno7 quickly became one of the first phones to get installed with the latest Android 12 operating system. The OS, for obvious, is not the Android 12 itself. But it uses the ColorOS 12 which is OPPO’s optimised android software based on Android 12. This software lets the users get automatic latest updates and features like air swipe gestures.

Smart Notification and Adaptive Sleep

The interesting features added in the Reno7 are adaptive sleep in which the display is not automatically shut off if the user is looking at it. The smart notification hiding is when more than one people are viewing the display. The phone hides the notification after detecting more than two eyes on the screen.

RAM Expansion

What is better than an expandable RAM? In OPPO Reno7, you can quite easily do that where the phone ultises remaining 5GB ROM as the RAM. This results in smooth performance and better multitasking. It even helps the processing speed with the good drive boost.

Final Note OPPO Reno7 is one-step ahead of its previous siblings and makes sure to appeal with its overall performance. From its steadfast processor to good-quality camera and nice battery, it does have the right impressive to first users. Its strong battery life dominates and makes the phone look worth a purchase.       

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