<strong>OPPO Band 2 Vs OPPO Band</strong>

OPPO Band 2 Vs OPPO Band

The Band 2 is the successor to OPPO’s first wearable, the OPPO Band, and was released alongside the OPPO Watch 3. The pioneer of the OPPO wearables, the OPPO band, was introduced in June 2020. Now, after approximately two years, we have the next product, which is smarter, more efficient, and more sophisticated: the OPPO Band2.
With a 1.1″ AMOLED screen, intense colour reproduction, and magnificent resolution, the OPPO band was an ultimate game changer in the smart wrist band industry. The watch band is protected with a scratch-free 2.5D glass, which makes it highly durable to be worn throughout the day and night. The device also comes with 100% DCI-P3 colour, a professionally designed certification that provides a much better viewing experience as compared to SRBs.
There was an extra emphasis on the aesthetic appeal of the smart wrist band. A metal buckle was incorporated into the design, enabling the users to switch the bands as per their preferences. A 5-ATM water-resistant technology, a pedometer to keep count of your daily steps, a sleep tracker to develop comprehensive sleep reports, and a constant heart health monitor to ensure your safety and well-being were all incorporated into the device, along with 12 different workout modes. In other words, the OPPO’s Gen 1 band had all the fundamental characteristics that smart wearables usually possess. Despite being the first smart watch band product from OPPO, the Gen 1 band was a huge success.

What’s new?

OPPO Band 2 is a Gen 2 device, which of course comes with multiple innovations in both design and functionality. The non-fitness features such as texting, receiving or initiating phone calls, calendar alerts, music control, alarms, “Find my phone,” etc. are the same in both of these devices. However, the features that make the OPPO Band 2 stand out within the smart wristband industry are outlined below.

Improved design, better display

The OPPO band has a 1.1-inch AMOLED screen, which has the maximum capacity of representing 50 characters at a time. As compared to this, the OPPO Band 2 also comes with a 1.57-inch screen size, which is 74% bigger than the previous model. Both devices have a brightness capacity of up to 500 nits—the optimal illumination limit for a smart wrist band. But the Band 2 has an integrated on-cell capacitive touch screen that uses liquid crystal pixels, making the LED thinner and much more efficient in sunlight. The resolution of the OPPO Band was 126 x 294; the OPPO Band 2 has a 256 x 402 resolution, ensuring excellent image quality and sharp contrast ratios.

Optimised Functionality

You get nearly the same fitness sensors as before, but with enhanced operability. For instance, the Gen 1 OPPO Band has a 3-axis acceleration sensor, which is one of the most common sensors used within smart wearables. These sensors measure the forward and backward moments, the wearer’s body orientation, and the rate of speed change, helping in measuring heart health, oxygen level, and much more. The OPPO Band 2 has a 6-axis motion sensor, which is by far the most advanced performance tracking instrument in the industry. With the lowest noise, maximum temperature stability, and highest sensitivity efficiency, the 6-axis motion sensor is definitely a significant improvement as compared to the 3-axis acceleration sensor. This means that with an OPPO Band 2, you can enjoy more precise navigation data and a top-notch user experience.
As far as the battery life is concerned, the Band 2 has a 200 mAh capacity, which easily lasts for 12–14 days. Once you recharge your wrist band, you can stay carefree for the next two weeks. The battery capacity of the OPPO Band 2 has been doubled in comparison to the previous model due to the larger screen size. There is also an NFC payment feature, which enables the wearer to conduct any necessary financial transactions on the go.

Enhanced creativity

In an OPPO band, you get approximately 40 watch faces, which can be changed as per your daily mood. However, the OPPO Band 2 really enables you to display your artistic side. The device has more than 100 in-built watch faces and also enables the wearer to customise the screen as per their outfit. Just click a picture of your outfit of the day and make it your watch face of the day in an instant. This feature is a dream come true for all of the fashion enthusiasts who like to slay in perfect coordination. Thus, an OPPO Band 2 can also be considered a perfect fashion accessory for its users.
The AI craftsmanship within the OPPO Band 2 is at its finest. The constant heart health monitoring enables the band to identify prolonged stress periods and send “stress reminders” to the wearer. So, if you have been sitting in your office chair working constantly for the last five hours, the band will send you a sedentary reminder to get up and hydrate yourself. Similarly, when you sleep, the band automatically switches the connected phone to “sleep mode,” saving you from any sleep-time interferences or annoying disturbances. Name a better best friend than this? We will wait!

The best workout partner

As compared to the previous model that had 12 different workout modes, the OPPO Band 2 comes with more than 100 in-built workout modes with an auto-detection capability of the four primary workouts, i.e., walking, running, epileptic machine, and rowing machine. The most common form of cardio, i.e., running, also comes with 4 different modes in which your pace, body orientation, and running style are guided by the watch band as per your selected goal. The artistic interpretations in the form of graphs and numbers help the wearer stay motivated and walk their way towards a leaner and healthier self.
The band illustrates your previous progress, calories burned, and future goals in such a great way that makes working out look like a fun activity rather than a time-consuming extra chore. For people with heart or blood pressure issues, the band constantly monitors your heart rate and instantly sends a reminder if any exercise goes overboard. Unlike the previous model, the Gen 2 wearables also come with a professional tennis mode, which has AI embedded in such a fascinating way that it even records your hitting pattern, striking pattern, and stride length. This is the ideal coach for all tennis players, helping them to better understand and improve their game.

Unrestricted Connectivity

Connectivity is what makes a simple wrist band, a smart wrist band. No matter how great a watch band is, It is useless if it does not support your smartphone. The OPPO band is compatible with Android 6.0 or higher, which is extremely efficient but eliminates the use of iOS-supported devices. Keeping this in consideration, the OPPO Band 2 is compatible with Android 6.0 or higher and iOS 10.0 or higher as well.

Final Remarks

The OPPO Band 2 is certainly a highly innovative gadget, which makes the user wonder how such unlimited technological possibilities are embedded into a single, compact device. As compared to the Gen 1 OPPO band, it is undoubtedly a significant upgrade. With an enormous screen size, a customizable watch face feature, a 200 mAh battery, more than 100 workout modes, and a 6-axis motion sensor, this wrist band is one of the best smart bands that you can ever get. So, stop waiting and start shopping now!

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