7 best educational tablet for kids

7 best educational tablet for kids

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Constant evolution in technology has significantly changed the way we do things around the world. One such change is online education. Some years ago, students had to carry hefty notebooks to their schools, which was not only burdensome but also created multiple sustainability challenges for society. However, with the passage of time, the use of paper has been eliminate from multiple streams of education. The trend toward online education has gained even more prominence during the COVID-19 outbreak. Now, there are multiple tablets for education available in the industry, which help the students as well as the teachers enjoy enhanced learning experiences. Here is a list of the top 7 tablet PCs that you can get for your kids to ensure that their learning journey stays hassle-free!

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, 8.7″ Octa-Core Tablet

This is an excellent tablet for children, with a fascinating display capable of displaying approximately 16 million colours. The resolution of 1340 x 800 pixels helps capture the attention of the kids, making them more focuse on what’s being taught on their screens. The latest connectivity technology, i.e., WiFi 5.0, is integrate within the device to help the students instantly download all educational material. There is also Bluetooth available within the device to help students connect with each other or the teacher. The amazing battery capacity of 5100 mAh allows you to go all day without needing to recharge. So, if your kid needs to bring their tablet to school, you don’t need to worry about handing them the charger as well, because the Galaxy A7 mini tablet can perfectly run for long hours even with high consumption patterns.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 SM-X200 10.5″ Tablet

The enormous screen size of 10.5″ makes the Samsung A8 the best tablet for education, which helps the students stay totally focused on what’s appearing on the screen. The magnificent resolution of 1920 x 1200 provides a captivating outlook, letting the students enjoy a bigger and better view of class lessons. The tablet is very sleek, with a thickness of only 6.9 mm; however, despite being ultra-stylish, the steel body makes the device extremely durable. Most of the kids are usually rough on their technological devices, with drops, scratches, and slips being extremely common. Thus, choosing a tablet with a steel body makes the most sense. 

The internal memory of 3 GB and the external memory of 32 GB help the tablet PCs be seamless and extra efficient, even when the kids are constantly toggling between different applications. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about your kids misusing the tablet for anything other than studying. The “parental control” feature available in the tablet’s settings helps you control what your kids can and cannot view on their tablet PCs. The multi-window divides the screen in two, so your kids can complete their assessment and watch the lesson side by side. Keeping all these factors in consideration, the Galaxy A8 is definitely a worthy choice!

3.    Lenovo Tab P11 Tablet: Qualcomm Snapdragon

With an 11″ screen size and an amazing resolution of 2000 x 1200 pixels, these Lenovo tablets provide the best visual experience to users. The TDDI IPS display comes with extremely narrow corners, which provide 85% more display area to the user, enabling your kids to be fully attentive to their learning videos, school lessons, or animated poems. Even if you are out on a bright, sunny day, you don’t need to worry about your kid being irritate due to the lack of screen visibility. The Lenovo p11 tablet for kids comes with a 400-nit brightness, which provides excellent clarity even when you are standing right under the sun! 

The best feature is the distinct space for kids and families. In the current era, everyone is hooked on technology. Even toddlers ask for separate tablet PCs, which can be worrying for the parents. However, with P11, you can transform this challenge into a learning opportunity. The “Google Kids Space” integrated within the P11 has more than 10,000 teacher-approved videos, applications, games, and much more. This will help your children to be constantly studying, growing, and evolving without even realising that they are being fostered in a learning culture. Last but not least, the 7700 mAh battery capacity easily lasts for a whole day with a single charge.

4.    Lenovo Tab M10 Tablet

This 2nd Generation tablet comes with a 10.1″ HD screen and a premium metal design. The metal body is dust-free and highly durable against slips, drops, and accidental damages, making it the best tablet for education and entertainment. With an 85% screen-to-body ratio, this is one of the best tablet PCs, providing the user with a dynamic yet enriched viewing experience. The camera quality of the tablet is top-notch, with a rear camera of 8 MP and a front camera of 5 MP. One of every parent’s top concern, the potential eye damage from screen time, is addressed in the M10 tablet for kids.

The “TUV Rheinland Eye Protection” is your child’s best friend, as it reduces the blue light emissions and helps in ensuring that their precious eyes don’t get harmed due to screen exposure. There is also a separate “Google Kids Space,” which has hundreds of applications, books, and videos designed to anticipate the inner creativity in your child. This content is approved by international teachers and is aimed at constantly helping your child learn new things. The “Family Link” in these tablets helps the parents keep an eye on their child’s activities, ensuring that they are using the technology only in an advantageous manner.

5. Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 SM-T575NZKAEEA Tablet

Samsung, the pioneer in the development of kids’ tablets, has always ensured that their exclusive tablet PCs designed for child entertainment and education address all of the primary parental care considerations. This dust- and water-resistant device is ideal to be used throughout the day with minimum care or extra attention. A weight of only 429 g makes it easy to carry for your child. This mini tablet has also integrated WiFi 6 technology, which helps in quickly accessing any educational material. Moreover, it is one of the top affordable tablets that come with multiple amazing features and innovations, ideally suited to fulfil your child’s daily needs.

6.    Lenovo 10e 10.1″ Tablet

This Chromebook tablet is ultimately design for enhancing the learning experience of students.Via its 10-inch screen and K-2 classrooms. Which ignite the learner’s inner imagination. The full HD display is protected by Dragontail Pro glass. which is strong enough to withstand any damage or slips caused by children. The operating system of these PC tablets also fits extremely well with the education network of schools and colleges. The “Chrome US” has hundreds of different problem-solving games, assessments, and tricky hands-on learning applications. All aimed at enhancing the IQ level of the user. The detachable keyboard quickly connects pogo pins and magnets. Aassisting students in moving from simply learning things to actually implementing them, making it the best tablet for education. Thus, the Lenovo 10e can be classified as one of the top recommendations for middle-aged kids and teenagers.

7.    OPPO Pad Air 10.36″ 2K Tablet

The 2K display on a massive 10.36″ screen provides students with an outstanding learning canvas. The magnificent resolution of 2000 x 1200 pixels helps in highlighting every possible detail on the screen of these tablet PCs. The industry’s first 3D-tuned texture gives an extra-ordinary smooth look. Which keeps the tablet fingerprint-free and makes it extremely friendly to hold and use. The Dolby Atmos symmetrical speakers help your kids enjoy their favourite videos and classroom lessons. With clear and astounding sound quality. The split window feature enables side-by-side functioning with the tablet. Helping the kids enjoy their favourite videos and complete their school lessons simultaneously. To do so, just swipe down on the screen with two fingers and enjoy seamless dual-app functionality.

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